Power to the People

This means you! The success of two of our next three meetings will be totally dependent on contributions from our members. Read on.

18 October:  Travellers’ Tales

This is becoming something of an annual event, an opportunity to show a few images of somewhere you’ve been or something you’ve done recently. It could even be a walk around Goring or Wallingford. If you don’t normally give talks or make presentations this is an ideal way to dip your toe in the water.

It’s sufficient to put your images on a memory stick and bring this along on the night. If you do this, make sure the files will sort alphabetically into the order you wish them to appear. This usually means adding a zero to any numbering between 0 and 9, so that 01 is followed by 02 and 03, rather than 1 being followed by 11, 12 etc before 2.  It’s fine to use P2E or Pro Show Gold if you have it, but not essential. Either way, email us at admin@goringgapphoto.co.uk to let us know how many images you will be bringing.

15 November:  Pictures from the Past

If you’re old enough to remember Citizen Smith or Che Guevara there’s a good chance you will have some photos from the pre-digital era. This is your chance to give them an airing and entertain your fellow club members. We will have a projector available for 35 mm slides, but we need to know how many people are likely to turn up with how many images, so we can plan the evening. Aim for about 5 or 6 slides, linked by a common theme. Email admin@goringgapphoto.co.uk to say how many you will be bringing.