Data Protection Policy

The information we hold about you is the information you supplied at your membership application, with any updates you may have subsequently provided:

  • Name, email address, and in some instances, telephone number and postal address.
  • Subscription records and fees paid for sundry club events.
  • Results of internal photo competitions.
  • Digital images submitted as competition entries.

We use the data we hold to:

  • Send you meeting content information and date/location reminder emails.
  • Send you emails relating to other photo club activities.
  • Send you information relating to other activities of the GGPC, including relevant information from other local photo clubs or associations.
  • Integrate your data into a members list which is distributed to current Committee members.
  • Images submitted as competition entries may also be used by the club for publicity purposes, such as the club yearbook and the club website.

We undertake that:

  • We do not share the data we hold about you with any third party.
  • Following a request to the Secretary we will give you a copy of the data we hold about you within four weeks of the request.
  • When a member ceases to be a member we will delete their data from our systems.
  • You may withdraw your consent at any time by request to the Secretary, or email to