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“The Seeing Eye”

Paul is a prestigious landscape photographer. He will talk about looking beyond the obvious, exploring details, textures and shapes found in both nature and man-made objects. He will also explain various creative techniques such as intentional camera movement, multiple exposures and the use of creative lenses & filters.

“London and Marrackech”

Darrell is an architectural designer and photographer. He will be showing some of his striking and inspiring images from his travels.

“ Creative Photography”

John specialises in fine art photography with a particular focus on nature and live music. He will be showing some of his creative images and explaining his inspiration and techniques

“ Wildlife Photography Techniques”

Simon lives in South Stoke and has a passion for wildlife and photography. He will be showing some of his images, explaining his techniques and giving tips on good local venues for wildlife.

“Macro Photography”

Andy specialises in photographs of nature and landscapes and in particular macro photography of flowers and focussing on fractal patterns in nature. He will be discussing some of his techniques used to produce his beautiful striking images.

“Local” talks: New Zealand and Norway

Two talks for the price of one from local club members:

Dick Lysons “First ascent of Mt Goldsmith in New Zealand 1933 – a family epic”.

Steve Hewitt “Norwegian Reflections”.

Two talks for the price of one

Two talks by homegrown GGPC talent:

Derrick will be presenting Arabian Night – travels in the Arabian Gulf

Peter will be presenting Wine and Oranges – travels to Bordeaux and Seville

“Floating Across the Pennines”

Three weeks taking in the scenic delights of Wigan, Rochdale and Leeds by narrow boat. It’s not all “grim up north”. It was even warm and sunny in Manchester.


We hope to reschedule the Wild Swimming talk for Spring 2020.