Online Submissions

Follow the instructions below to submit your competition entries using Send To My Cloud.

The club does not pay for this service, so each file should be less than 2MB in size, to avoid exceeding our monthly quota. Competition entry images should be resized so they are not larger than 1024 x 768 pixels. You can do this using your photo-editing software or by using a web service such as

Each file name should be in CAPS, followed with by and our name and then .jpg

    eg   MY GREAT PICTURE by Fred Bloggs.jpg

1  Click to upload files. This takes you to the Online Submissions S2MC dialog box. Click Browse  to select the files you wish to upload, then click Send Files.  You can upload all your files for both competitions in one go.  Wait until the progress bar reaches 100%. Once you see a green Finished! message, you are finished with this step.

Email with a list of the filenames you have uploaded, indicating which images are for which competition.